Exploration & Integration of Transpersonal States of Consciousness

All over the globe and for thousands of years before us, there have been many methods used to expand human consciousness and to access the deep folds of the unconscious psyche and heart center while staying  present in the body.  Such methods range from Indian Yoga and Yogic breathing techniques, Tibetan Tantra, Eastern and Western Monastic & householder practices of noble silence, vocal meditation, and Vipassana meditation practices in the various postures e.g. sitting, standing, walking, laying down.  Ancient and contemporary indigenous cultures have explored states of consciousness through the use of shamanic drumming, chanting/vocal meditation, dancing/movement, initiation ceremonies, vision quests, Lakota Medicine Wheel Ceremony, and communing with Nature, just to name a few.  Also various sacred plant medicines have been ingested to shift the ego and expand human consciousness. Such transpersonal states have the potential to get beneath the stealth forms of ego to arrive at more expanded and shifted states of mind/psyche, body, spirit, relationships and environment.  In our work together, it is possible to employ some of these practices in the session for grounding and to help soften the grip of symptoms resulting from unresolved trauma, fear of death and/or fear of life! And possibly cultivating more compassion, peace, joy and abundance in your life and for those around you!

As a licensed professional I cannot serve as a facilitator using any illegal substances, nor do I endorse or provide referrals for any such illegal activity.  However, I do work with clients who have sought out such healing practices for deeper awareness and expansion on their own. Together we work to create a space where your innate healing intelligence can move you toward healing and integration while anchoring the insights gained from such transpersonal experiences and practices.